English Triple Crown winner Ormonde was exiled from his homeland because his owner, the Duke of Westminster, publicly stated that the horse was such a favorite with breeders in England that the horse’s condition as a roarer would be spread throughout the breed.

Mayhap that was his reasoning, but in his other ports of call, Ormonde did not quite succeed in destroying the native breed of horse. Even among the stock he left in England from his scant covering there, few if any were found to be roarers. Whether the condition was environmental or happened to be genetic, it did not prevent Ormonde from becoming the founder of one of the most durable, if relatively rare, male lines today.

Through his English-bred son Orme, Ormonde spread throughout Europe, especially through the magnificent racehorse Flying Fox. His grandson Teddy distributed sires of importance around the globe, threatening at one time to make this branch of Bend Or the predominant American sire line through the influence of Sir Gallahad III and Bull Dog in the US.

Didn’t happen of course, and the Teddy lines in America have whittled down over the past 50 years to pretty much just Damascus, which is a frail reed in the male line but a solid part of pedigrees elsewhere.