Breeder and racehorse owner Karen Babcock discusses her 3-year-old Koda Chrome (by Blue-Eyed Streaker) and the frame overo color type that he represents in the ESPN Radio program In the Gate, available as a podcast.

Host Barry Abrams asked my opinions about the colt’s color and the prospects of a horse of high class appearing with unusual coloring.

You can access the audio here:

And the podcast, complete with slideshow of Koda Chrome, on YouTube, here:

In addition to overo coloring, there are many sabino Thoroughbreds, and there are excellent racehorses with this much more common coloring. Typically, it is chestnut with lots of chrome, and champion Will Take Charge is one example of a flashy chestnut with some sabino fun thrown in. Marquetry is another who had even more white and who passed on some flash to his offspring.

White Thoroughbreds, such as the beloved Patchen Beauty, possess a dominant white gene, and some of those horses with dominant white also show spots or freckling in their coats. But they are different genetically from the sabino or overo stock they may otherwise resemble.

Cheers, color fans!