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With the death of Dynaformer last weekend, the breed lost one of its sturdiest influences for stamina and stoutness. And although the 27-year-old son of Roberto had covered mares in 2012, Three Chimneys’s Case Clay told me that Dynaformer had gotten “no mares in foal from 20 mares covered this season.”

This means that the stallion’s crop of 2012, conceived last year from a book of 61 mares, will be his last. That was a sizable book for an older stallion to manage well, but Dynaformer has been managed conservatively through his stud career and his longevity proves the value of the practice.

Yet even from the potential results of the stallion’s final crop currently being foaled, there will not be so many as owners and breeders might hope for. Clay noted that only “about 25 mares from last year got in foal.”

The big and ruggedly made son of Roberto was tough as a boot, in body and in spirit, but even he declined with the advance of age. From Dynaformer’s foals of 2010, now unraced 2-year-olds, there are 58 from 78 mares covered in 2009.

In the stallion’s next-to-last crop, Dynaformer had 45 live foals of 2011 from 78 mares covered in 2010. Among those yearlings is one out of Three Chimneys mare Santaria whom Clay described as notable for quality.

With Dynaformer’s death, a precious commodity just became more scarce.