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Aside from the wretched injustice and sadness of the grand horse’s end, the story didn’t stop there.

From nearly the day that Alydar was injured (broken leg in his stall at Calumet), there have been rumors about the injury and what or who caused it.

All that is factually known is that the horse had a broken leg and that he died of complications therefrom. If there’s anything factual to know besides, the person or persons who know have been unusually silent.

There is quite a good book about Calumet and its financial collapse written by Anne Hagedorn (pardon if I’ve done a disservice to the writer’s name but am traveling) called “Wild Ride” that details much about the ending years of the operation under the Wright family ownership. The book is nearly 20 years old now but should still be available in most libraries and perhaps some bookstores.