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There is a web organization called Wordsmith (www.wordsmith.org) that drops a word into your email inbox every day.

This word, so common for us in horse racing and breeding, is not so familiar to those less fortunate in their choice of vocation or amusements. But even pedigree buffs may not know the history of the word “pedigree.”

The short etymology of “pedigree,” from Wordsmith.org is:

From Anglo-Norman pé de grue (crane’s foot), from p´ (foot) + de (of) + grue (crane), from the resemblance of a crane’s foot to the succession lines in a genealogical chart. Earliest documented use: 1425.

If you have an interest in words and in learning more about the origins and concepts behind the things we say, visit their website or give yourself a free subscription at http://wordsmith.org/awad/subscribe.html