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Super Saver (2007 dk b by Maria’s Mon x Supercharger, by AP Indy)

WinStar $20,000

Last year’s Kentucky Derby winner was the second Kentucky Derby winner by the late sire Maria’s Mon, a champion juvenile who excelled as a sire of horses who went two turns. Given that quality and then added to the grandeur of being a classic winner from the most distinguished female family in the Stud Book, Super Saver is a stallion of interest to breeders.

Standing a bit over 16.1, the dark bay is a scopy and nicely balanced animal. He is a leggier and more lightly made horse than the sprinters reviewed in the last post. But he should be. He ran a distance, and to do that requires an athlete with less lumber. It gets to be a lot of work dragging a big old body ’round the racetrack.

Although less massive than Munnings or Majesticperfection, Super Saver is quite strong across his back and through the hindquarters. He shows considerable power through the angulation of his hind end, and he was gifted with good speed.

Overall, Super Saver has put on flesh and generally improved since I first saw him back in late summer when he was at WinStar on layup from the wear and tear of racing.

The dark bay has become a handsome specimen, and standing over a good deal of ground, he is a stallion who will repay some care in choosing his mates. With the size and stamina apparent from his physique, Super Saver would benefit from additional speed in his mates, provided they are not pure sprinters. Mares of a mile type would be more in the required mold to get the most benefit from this horse’s qualities.