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For practical purposes, Zenyatta might as well be in Siberia.

That’s what the weather is like here in Kentucky, as winds that have recently been surfing the peaks of the Himalayas are now scouring the Bluegrass with temps 20-odd degrees below normal for winter.

And last night, wearing only her Southern California coat of racehorse hair, Zenyatta paraded at Keeneland under the roof of the Buddhist temple (rear walking ring).

A crowd estimated at more than a thousand and appearing far larger came out to see the champion return to the state of her birth. Zenyatta traveled across Versailles Road to Keeneland from the airport with her people. During the big mare’s parade at Keeneland, both her groom and her trainer John Shirreffs led the big brown, as proud owners Jerry and Ann Moss watched along with the massed hundreds of Zenyatta fans who clotted together in the cold.

The unpleasant weather seemed to have no effect on Zenyatta herself. She was alert and at full attention, giving her fans the opportunity to see her strut and prance as she walked over the nearly silent Keeneland paving.

Then, too quickly for many fans, she was whisked away to her new home at Lane’s End Farm outside Versailles, Ky. There she will have a cozy stall, a thick rug to wear while the chills of winter run wild, and then open pasture, room to run and graze, and eventually an appointment with some select stallion.