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Considering the precocity of the newspaper and tabloid trade, it takes some talent to be the best at “dim.”

But the leader today was a headline from The Horse, one of the publications tagging along for the ride at Blood-Horse Pubs. Since the departure of the previous editor and staff, it’s not tagging along too gracefully, either, and featured a headline reading: “Specific gene thought to determine athletic ability.”

Let’s see … that’s the gene that makes a horse a G1 winner, right, and those that don’t have it are $5k claimers, right? Well, then how do $5k claimers produce classic winners?


Eventually, the text of the article makes it clear (OK, cloudy) that even the researchers are not that boosterish about their new “insight.”

Nor am I linking to the tedious thing; if you long for more faux info, it’s at or near the top of the online Horse. Not hard to find.

The gist is overstatement, then qualification, qualification, qualification. If a publication really wants to insult its readers this way, they should try to do it much better. Please consult the Star, ‘cuz inquiring minds wanna know.