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Over at Boojum’s Bonanza, there is an interesting series of posts about earlier debates concerning Horse of the Year. The focus of these historical postings, culled from Daily Racing Form annuals, is the 1953 and 1954 seasons that featured Native Dancer against Tom Fool and High Gun, respectively.

The thoughts and analyses of the Boojum and Charlie Hatton are not only lively reading but also offer some insights into the internal drama of the past two racing seasons, with Zenyatta competing against Rachel Alexandra and now Blame for the premium award.

Fifty-odd years ago, the different voting groups had not united to produce a single Horse of the Year, and the result was that sometimes there were multiple Horses of the Year, according to the perspectives of the different voting groups. As a result, there would be years with a good deal of infighting, biting, scratching, and name-calling.

Racing is not a dull sport.