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In a recent response to a post, Garrett Redmond suggested that a purchasing cooperative could be one means to controlling costs and helping breeders reach profitability.

He wrote that the  “Fundamental idea is Co-Op members would have a society with bargaining power in dealing with all the entities with which we must now deal singlehandedly.” This would allow volume discounts, greater access to wholesale supplies, and the potential to negotiate prices for goods and services.

This is a very good and useful idea that we see used in many different businesses, including agricultural operations around the world. It makes sense, it is positive, and it is constructive for all participants.

Also, a cooperative is one of the things that breeders themselves can organize and operate without depending on some outside agency, either governmental or institutional, to come in and improve conditions.

Nor am I at all certain that governments or institutions will ever save the day.

That consideration, allied with the near certainty that most stallion operations are going to continue to price horses above their yearlings’ sale value in the marketplace, means that things are going to change.

Either farms by the dozens are going to cease operation, or the way they operate and conduct their daily business must alter.

What other options do you, as thoughtful readers and participants, believe would be advantageous for farms and owners that support the sport?