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In a chilling analysis of the profit and loss situation of horse owners over the past several years, the well-known breeder and businessman Rob Whiteley has distilled the bitter essence of the current predicament that producers of Thoroughbred racing stock are in. Read it here.

Each of the segments of the breeding business — stallion farms, veterinarians, sales companies, and many other service providers — plays its own corner of the game. Despite the clarity of Whiteley’s argument, it is hoping against the evidence of previous behavior to expect the other players to balance their interests with the good of the overall scheme in breeding.

So, if other segments of the breeding business will not respond to market forces but will instead keep on perpetuating self-destructive rates and fees, then the only ones who can alter the scheme are breeders themselves.

By banding together, breeders can produce a unified body on many issues and can have an influence in proportion to their contribution to the industry.

This will be challenging, but we have seen similar groups join together for the common good and for the overall health of businesses in other sectors. Whether we work together as a cartel, as syndicates, or as cooperatives, there are established and proven patterns of business that will make breeding Thoroughbreds more rational, more responsible, and more economically sound.

Are we willing to accept the challenge?