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When Graeme Beaton commented on yesterday’s post regarding Unbridled’s Song, something went off in my head (and presumably it wasn’t a brain infarction). He specifically addressed the results of the stallion from his short stint as a shuttle stallion.

The big gray spent three seasons going Down Under for Big Money at Arrowfield Stud. The results were puzzling.

Southern Hemisphere breeding results by foal crop (3)

Year               Foals   Runners        Winners           2yo Wnrs   2yo SW       SW
1998-99        60        49 (82%)       39 (65%)         11                   1                   4 (7%)
1999-00       48         39 (81%)       27 (56%)         6                     2                  4 (8%)
2000-01       55         44 (80%)      36 (65%)         7                     1                  2 (4%)
Totals             163       132 (81%)    102 (63%)      24                   4                 10 (6%)

Without sniffing glue or losing one’s sense of balance, Unbridled’s Song clearly did excellent work getting runners and winners. Both percentages are top of the tree for better stallions (i.e., their daughters, in particular, are not going to show up for nickel maiden claiming no matter how slow they are).

The pinch comes in the last column, which shows that Unbridled’s Song had only six percent stakes winners (not so good compared to his better work Stateside).

Beaton’s inclination is that size was not the problem with racing Upside Down but rather the lack of race-day medication to keep horses more comfortable.

Anyone with further evidence from experience please chime in.