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In response to yesterday’s post about the economic challenges facing horse breeders and all small businesses (and that is what almost all farms and horse breeders are), the discerning commentator Observer wrote:

I am not sure our state government will wake up in time to save our beloved horse industry. 

Does Pennsylvania want Kentucky’s horse industry?  They sure seem to be positioning and posturing for a run at it.  And if not Pennsylvania what about Indiana? 

I bet every day there is a breeder in Kentucky who looks at Indiana as an oasis for profit. 

Several years ago George Steinbrenner told the political leaders of New York that he was considering moving the New York Yankees to New Jersey.  Well those politicians were not about to call his bluff.  They helped Steinbrenner build a new baseball palace across the street from the house that Ruth built. 

Don’t think for a minute Mr. Beshear and Mr. Williams that Churchill Downs, Keeneland, Claiborne Farm, Three Chimneys Farm, Gainesway Farm and countless other historic breeding farms can’t move to Indiana or some other state.  Because it can happen and it will happen without your help and on your watch.