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In his consistently insightful blog on horse racing economics, Horse Racing Business, Bill Shanklin scores another direct hit on the cretins of Kentucky politics who have let everyone down for decades.

Not only does Shanklin rightly throw scorn on the weak-minded who have heaped injury onto insult for the Kentucky breeding and racing community. He also grills politicians for uniformly damaging the economics of the Commonwealth.

Shanklin writes that there is “little solace to people in the Kentucky horse racing and breeding industry to know that they are not alone in the way state government has treated them—the state’s elected officials, as a group, are hostile to business per se.”

Then he goes on to describe how greatly derelict Kentucky pols have injured everyone by ignoring their duty to work for the benefit of the communities that elected them to serve. Words such as “duty,” “work,” “serve,” “honor,” and others might roll lightly off the forked tongues, but the pitiful evidence of their actions shows that most dishonor these noble concepts.

We can do better than this, and we must.