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There is a briskly written new blog on the net with the enticing name of Boojum’s Bonanza. Visit it here.

Boojum is the pen name for the statistician, theorist, racing historian, and writer David Dink. Long a devotee of independent inquiry, Dink has produced massive studies on the effects of inbreeding and dosage, in particular, that have drawn both high praise and vitriolic condemnation (depending on the individual).

As that suggests, Dink is not a writer inclined to sit upon the fence of fashion and make quiet comments that can be taken in many ways. Instead, he tends to fire at will and let the bodies lie where they fall.

It is an approach to discourse that has its charms.

So I would encourage all the statistically challenged to take a gander at Boojum’s Bonanza and see what an amazingly deep well is there to be sampled. Dink’s general interest, statistics as a means of illuminating pedigrees, is a facet of breeding that is nowadays virtually extinct in print and underrepresented on the net.

The site has, as yet, only freshly minted pieces on Birth Month, Coat Color, and a two-part dissertation on inbreeding to Bold Ruler. That is plenty for a start. Read, think, and ask questions.