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My heart beats for your loss and general deprivation.

Aside from the excellence of horse breeding and racing in Argentina (which is actually the reason for my being here), one of the wonders below the Equator is the cuisine of Argentina.

“Yum” doesn’t get it. We are far beyond pure taste. There is smell and sight and sound of food, as well as the flavor and savor of it.

There is an astonishing amount of very good food available in Argentina. It is fresh and strange (in an interesting way), as well as great tasting. The menu also strongly leans toward meat.

As traveling companion (and business associate) Bob Fierro put it at dinner tonight, “If you have an enemy who is a vegetarian, give him a one-way ticket to Argentina.”

But as good as the carnivore diet has become here locally, the very best thing is the dessert. And as my title suggests, the custard that goes under the name of “flan” is an outstanding item. Even compared to flan from the US, which cannot be made so differently, there is a subtle tang in the local product, whether from the milk or other delicate ingredients added during the process.

Then this fresh, firm feast is topped with dulce de leche (the thick caramel sauce that is unlike anything sold out of can in the States).

Perhaps it is good that this delicacy is so hard to find at home in the same rich mixture because I might swell to 300 pounds.

Tomorrow, it is back to a focus on racing and breeding, with a visit to La Leyenda and their shuttle stallions Exchange Rate, Freud, and Offlee Wild.