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In his online pedigree group, Adrian Parry posed this discussion question: “Companies like the JC and Weatherby’s really peeve me.  We pay them as breeders to register the horses, and they should give free access to the system for the breeders.”

It is such a powerful topic that I wanted to widen the circle and bring in more commentary on this central point of the breeder’s experience.

In several forms, this question has been the subject of considerable commentary among breeders and owners of Thoroughbreds. The core of their issue with the Jockey Club (anywhere, not just US) revolves around two points, I believe.

The first is that the breeders own the horses, provide the information about the horses to the registry, pay for the registration process, and then feel disenfranchised by the registry when the breeders have to pay to access their own information.

The second and allied point is that the registries typically are typically structured as non-profit organizations for tax purposes. Some behave more like non-profits and some less so. But the ambiguous identity and business approaches of the registries sets a tone that is, at least, confusing to its customers, the breeders.

That sense of confusion is surely one of the psychological factors that lends to dissatisfaction with and even dislike of registries among some of their customers.

The reader’s thoughts and perspectives on these points and others I may have overlooked regarding ownership and access to the registry and its information are anticipated with interest.