There is quite a dustup going on over at the Paulick Report over proposed federal legislation that might attempt to limit the number of mares bred.

Frankly, I don’t see how that little bird will ever get off the ground, but the rumblings are more important than the viability of this particular snippet of legislation.

The federales have taken an interest in the greater scheme of racing a couple of times in the past decade, mostly over gambling. That is much more their province of interest. But they have shown interest in other issues that greatly impact the fairness, or the perception of honesty, in racing and in the general management and welfare of the racehorse. These are large, general issues that are complex and multi-faceted, generally better left to specialists in the field, but when the feds get into issues, things get done that are otherwise too unpleasant to be done by industry organizations.

Furthermore, the entity in our world with the power to make rules and make them stick is the Jockey Club. That group, however, just hasn’t shown much interest, well any, actually, in addressing these big-picture issues like medication, bloated books, and the overproduction of foals.

So what happens when things have been let go a little too long? Big Daddy waddles onto the scene with his big walnut cane and busts some heads, stirs up a real mess.

Is that what we really want?