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An article in the Thoroughbred Record of 1904 details the pedigree and racing record of the 19th century racing legend Longfellow as follows.

Longfellow was a brown horse, foaled 1867, bred by John Harper and owned by FB Harper, near Midway, Ky, sired by imp Leamington (son of Faugh-a-Ballagh), dam Nantura (dam of Extra, Fanny Holton, etc), by Brawner’s Eclipse (son of American Eclipse), out of Quiz (sister to Queen Mary), by Bertrand (son of Sir Archy).

Longfellow won 14 of 16 starts, losing only his debut, the Phoenix Stakes at Lexington raced at mile heats in 1870, and his last start, the Cup at Saratoga in 1872, when Longfellow pulled up lame.

Physically, Longfellow was a big, lean, highly specialized horse who could gallop very long distances at a high pace. Further details of his physique:

Longfellow stood nearly 17 hands high, with white stripe down his face, with left hind foot white above the ankle, and a little white on the coronet of the right hind foot. He had a neat ear, broad forehead, with Roman nose, long, well-shaped neck, running into strong, well-shaped shoulders, great depth of girth, rather light flank, good strong hips, with good length of whirlbone and stifle, and thence to the hock; good legs and feet.

He proved a good sire, though getting nothing the equal of himself.