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Bill Shanklin has an important post at Horse Racing Business that questions the logic and fair-mindedness of some powerful legislators in Kentucky.

His thoughtful examination ponders how these men can mediate such harm to the Commonwealth they are sworn to serve. His inquiry is well-conceived and logically developed. Shanklin’s post should be read by every taxpayer in Kentucky because, with the program our legislature is happy to embrace, citizens of Kentucky are sure to pay more in taxes or receive less in services. Take your choice.

The reasons that a handful of powerful politicians have blocked slots legislation from being voted on by the Kentucky Senate are hidden, spoken of in vague terms as they praise themselves.

The aura of winks and nods is enough to make anyone wonder whether some politicians have been bribed. Surely not, though, because that is illegal!

While it is clearly illegal for politicians to accept bribes, perhaps other favors and benefits are less easily described as such and make prosecution less likely, even impossible.

But prosecuting any senators for accepting bribes would seem even less likely than allowing the entire legislature to vote on a bill allowing slots at racetracks.

Be that as it may, someone needs to get an opinion from the Kentucky Attorney General about whether it is legal for elected representatives to willfully bring harm to the Commonwealth out of spite or utter hypocrisy. That’s a crime more than a few are guilty of.