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In an expansion of the Werk Thoroughbred Consultants stable planned with a view to growing international clientele, WTC founder Jack Werk announced before lunch on Thursday that the company will add Sid Fernando as a significant stakeholder. Fernando, a well-known commentator on international racing and bloodstock and an adviser to several international sportsmen, also writes the important blog, Sid Fernando + Observations, that focuses on international racing and bloodlines.

Werk said, “Sid’s knowledge of the business and his ability to manage make him a natural to run the company. I’m so happy that Sid was around and interested to invest in and build WTC because it’s a very healthy company with terrific growth potential. And I’m not getting any younger!”

In addition to their focus on sport and bloodlines, Werk and Fernando also have been on similar trajectories in developing online businesses to service the needs of Thoroughbred breeders. Werk originated not only the Werk Nick Rating but also the concept of providing nicks online for the convenience of breeders with his well-known Enicks.com site. Likewise, Fernando started up the online matings analysis service Ematings.com a year ago.

Fernando said, “Jack’s always been into technology and has incorporated that into his business at a time when society was headed that way. Ematings followed what Jack was doing by adding a human element to the technological revolution. All the experts are living people who can be accessed through the internet forum that is Ematings.” (I have seen how well this concept works because I’m one of 17 experts at Ematings.com.)

Part of the reason for Fernando’s venture into WTC is to expand the international element of the service “so that it can be of greater assistance to breeders, which has been Jack’s motto all along,” Fernando said.