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A new post from The Thoroughbred Brief reports on a ruling that could have serious implications for the relationship of racehorse owners, trainers, and veterinarians or other professionals.

This ruling is important because all trainers, farm owners, agents, and other racing professionals rely on the implied responsibility of the horse owner to satisfy financial obligations created by others who are managing or safeguarding the owner’s horses. Without this commonsense understanding, business between farms and farriers, vets, and others would grind to a halt.

Can you imagine calling the owner with a question like “We need a new halter for your mare and foal. Do I process the bill …?” Without the implied consent of the horse owner, a thousand little things become unbelievably cumbersome.

But to their everlasting credit, 99 percent of owners step up to the plate and handle all the expenses with a show of confidence in the people they have chosen to work with.