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Any of you unlucky enough to be following the twisted history of attempts to pass legislation for slot machines at racetracks in Kentucky are well aware of the years of lies, deceit, and spite that the horse business has endured from a small but well-financed cadre of snakes in politicians’ clothing.

Their leader in the Kentucky senate, Republican David Williams, has exposed his goals and hypocrisy with his latest attack against expanded gaming.

Previously, Williams (presumably a paid toady of the riverboat casinos on the Kentucky borders) had prevented a vote on the 2009 bill that would have allowed slots at racetracks. He had claimed that slots required a constitutional amendment, although successive Kentucky attorneys general said that only legislation was required.

Now changing his tactics, Williams is set to introduce a constitutional amendment that would require a constitutional amendment to have slots at racetracks. Yes, he is admitting that his previous position was a fraud and that a constitutional amendment IS NOT NECESSARY to place slots at racetracks.

With this proposed constitutional amendment and that of Williams’s boy Damon Thayer, “Williams and Damon Thayer have declared unconditional war on the horse industry, removing any possibility of compromise and actively attempting to speed up the process of forcing the horse industry out of Kentucky,” according to a post from the political blog Blue Bluegrass.

Well, at least we know, without any fiddling doubts, exactly who our enemies are.

Now, what do you want to do to them?