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Visionaire (ch h 2005 Grand Slam x Scarlet Tango, by French Deputy)

Crestwood Farm, Ky; $7,500

A very robust horse with a pretty head, Visionaire made $300,000 as a Saratoga select yearling in the capable hands of Reiley McDonald at Eaton Sales. That sum was two and a half times the yearling average for Grand Slam in 2006. So you know the horse was big, pretty, and well-grown.

He still is. In fact, I’d be surprised if Visionaire ever missed an oat in his life. He is a big-topped animal who is typical of his grandsire French Deputy and of the more substantial stock that Grand Slam can sire also.

Nicely let down from racing, Visionaire now girths 77.5 inches and stands over a lot of ground. He has a big eye and a very masculine head and topline. The chestnut horse is a good example of the muscular animals that can come from this pedigree. He has good forelegs, a strong hip, and plenty of length.

During his racing career, Visionaire showed the power necessary to come from behind in top company, and he looks like a horse who should have handled distances somewhat longer than a mile.

In terms of pedigree, he is another example of Mr. Prospector crossed on Northern Dancer, and for breeders he also represents the typical quandary: where to go now?  And before anyone suggests Bold Ruler or inbreeding to Northern Dancer or Native Dancer, the big chestnut already carries duplications of all three.

So put on your thinking caps and find him some mares.