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Sid Fernando wrote an insightful post about some of the mating successes Spend a Buck found during his shuttle years to Brazil (1997 – 1998) and during his years there as full-time resident (2001 – 2002). (Read it here.) Sid also added illuminating information in a commentary on yesterday’s post about this horse.

Spend a Buck spent nine seasons covering seasons in Kentucky at Lane’s End, where he had a bit of success but not enough. The 1985 Horse of the Year was sent to stand in Texas from 1995 through 1998, with trips south to Brazil as a shuttle stallion in latter two years.

The Kentucky Derby and champion had been purchased by Weldon Granger, who stood him in Texas at McDermott Ranch, but for the 1999 season, Granger moved the horse to Louisiana to stand at Jay Adcock’s Red River Farm.

Adcock said, “Spend a Buck almost didn’t make it.”

After Spend a Buck had left the farm in Brazil and entered quarantine, “he got sick and nearly died,” Adcock said. “While in quarantine, actually the day he was supposed to ship, he ran a temp, and they couldn’t ship him. Things got worse from there on.”

Strange as it may sound, quarantine is a place for animals to be verified as healthy. It is not a place for them to get sick. By the time Spend a Buck had recovered from illness and shipped to Miami, he was seriously out of shape.

But Adcock got the horse to Louisiana and went to work getting him healthy and back in breeding condition. Given time (this was a 17-year-old horse), Spend a Buck came around and stood at Red River for three years.

Adcock said, “After the near-death experience, they didn’t shuttle him. Then the Brazilians came and made Mr. Granger an awful good offer.” It was too good to turn down, but due to the amazing success of Spend a Buck’s first two years in Brazil, Haras Bage do Sul made a very serious effort to get the son of Buckaroo back in the country for breeders, and they succeeded.

From 1999 through 2001, however, Spend a Buck was the celebrity stallion in Louisiana. Adcock said, “I had people come to the farm just to take a picture with Spend a Buck. He knew he was a celebrity, he was photogenic, and he had a world of class. He was a really grand horse to be around.

“He would go out in his paddock, which had access to a pond, and would go out into the pond and lay around. Nothing fazed him. He had mares not far away from him all the time, and it never bothered him. Spend a Buck was a class act.”

After the 2001 season in Louisiana, Spend a Buck went south to Brazil for the last time, covered a full season there in 2001, and then on 24 November 2002, part-way through the Southern Hemisphere breeding season, Spend a Buck died of anaphylactic shock from a penicillin injection.