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One of the interesting comments regarding the herd dynamic behavior of the broodmare Rare Beauty was whether her stature might have an impact on how presents herself. If Kerry would like to follow up on that point, we would be happy to hear his thoughts.

The following is the complete report from Kerry Thomas regarding the mare Rare Beauty:

Notes and thoughts on HIP #2167 Rare Beauty/ from Keeneland Sale Nov.  2009

Standing at the Holding Area looking over what seems like a million horses over several days, seeking diamond-in-the-rough stand-outs that showcase on a behavioral level, the key points that reveal a hidden truth; a very high graded Emotional Conformation, I found a sparkle. When my eyes lay upon and followed, studied and dissected the latent nuances that made up HIP #2167, I had to follow her. I walked all the way with her my eyes never moving, seeking in the short period of time the things that I was looking for, I saw them. There she was, the most Emotionally Sound, mentally prepared, highest herd dynamic mare of the sale. I finally opened my book when she went in to be purchased and her name made me smile, for it was indeed fitting, Rare Beauty.

What made her stand-out in such a short period of time in observation was everything an Equine Athletic Psychologist looks for in the wild displayed in latent actions; actions and reactions that a natural born leader silently reveals. She reminded me of a very high dynamic herd leader that I had studied in the Big Horns in Montana. She had the behavioral propensities, or as I term them for my work, P-Type, that made the grade. A solid P-Type Bb(f). (See my website services for Making The Grade)

For me Rare Beauty’s special and unique qualities exuding quietly from her psychology are from the kind of mare I would start a farm with. I felt and feel now, that with the proper selection for her future Sires, combining both pedigree mating and Emotional Conformation applied mating, the get from her can acquire the goods necessary to achieve and be developed at a high level.

Like in wild Mares at this level, her sisters and mother and daughters all bring the same or very near the same, behaviorally speaking, 15 ball-players to the game, however the only way to increase your chances of having the best 9 on the field at the same time submits to the properties inherent in natural selection. This is why breeding to a certain Sire over another should be dictated by the inherent qualities of the mare, and not the sire. Rare Beauty’s inner character and behavioral dynamics both Group Herd Dynamic and Individual Herd Dynamic far exceeded her peers.

If I was scouting for someone at a sale seeking a broodmare, and they could only buy one horse, Rare Beauty was in a class by herself. The trick now, as for all breeding endeavors, is to find the proper Emotional Conformation match for her, as an individual and not just for her pedigree line. I’d love the chance to evaluate her future suitors.