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Just in case members of the Kentucky Legislature are sleeping (or dead), someone should be noticing that the income-producing members of the breeding operations are leaving Kentucky.

Stallions are the primary producers of income in breeding. They make money for the farms that stand them, generate solid levels of income for those that manage and work around them, and trail clouds of money behind them for veterinarians, van companies, farriers, landscape designers, barn builders, and many others to compete for.

To see stallions leaving the Commonwealth is not a good thing. Even the blind and the lame should recognize that.

Then we come to the politicians who seem intent on causing the greatest possible damage to Kentucky breeding and racing by stonewalling over slots.

Well, perhaps they won’t have long to wait.

If the present trend continues, perhaps all the stallions in Kentucky will simply move somewhere else. Fat chance of getting them back again if that occurs.

Yankee Gentleman is moving to Louisiana; Southern Image to California; Repent is off to New York; Scrimshaw and Woke Up Dreamin also are gone to Louisiana; Posse went to New York; both Consolidator and Teuflesberg are gone to Florida. Congaree has moved to New York; Johannesburg was sold to Japan; and Jump Start went to Pennsylvania.

All of this has occurred in the last 45 days.

I am not joking about whether the fellows in the legislature are dead. They do not seem properly aware of the sound of income sources leaving the Bluegrass. That money means tax income to the Commonwealth and is part of what the legislature needs to balance the budget.

But considering that so many of them seem to be on auto-pilot (or perhaps actually have been interred and are therefore not responsible for slacking), perhaps we citizens of Kentucky should balance the budget ourselves off the legislators’ salaries and pet pork-barrel projects.