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Kentucky state senator Damon Thayer, a Republican who has opposed legislation that would permit slots at racetracks in the Commonwealth, feels the lash in a terse news story from the Paulick Report that exposes the politician and lays him bare for public examination. Read it here.

Thayer is the same member of the Kentucky legislature who proposed a Constitutional amendment as a way to allow slots at Kentucky racetracks after he had supported the Kentucky Republican leadership’s refusal to allow such a bill to be voted on in the state senate. The constitutional amendment would take several years to work at a time when action is needed.

For such behavior as a “friend” to Kentucky racing, Thayer has no defense. Now he has none for failing to understand the predicament of breeders and their pressures to leave the Bluegrass for more hospitable climes.

Paulick has caught out Thayer for being the public relations and media adviser to Ro Parra’s Millennium Farms, which is a sizable Kentucky breeding and stallion operation that is moving stallions and mares to Louisiana to participate in that state’s excellent breeding program that is funded by slots.

Parra is free to do what he likes with his critters, and Thayer is free to advise whomever, but it is disingenuous and distasteful to see a Kentucky politician who supported blockage of access to slots in the Commonwealth then working in tandem with a breeder – businessman who is fleeing the place. In addition to the 30 mares Parra is moving now, “We will likely move more mares over time,” Parra said in the press release from Thayer Communications and Consulting because Parra believes the “Kentucky program is not as competitive as other regional programs like the one in Louisiana.”

That is what breeders, owners, and track operators have been trying to make plain to Thayer and his ilk.

Do the Republican opponents of slots not understand? Do they simply not care? Or are there more sinister reasons for their behavior?