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Researchers from around the world have contributed to the completed equine genome study, which was reported in the new issue of Science magazine. Click here to read the abstract.

Among the researchers into the genome project are the Gluck Center’s Drs. Ernie Bailey, TL Lear, JN MacLeod, and SJ Coleman, as well as Matthew Binns from the Royal Veterinary College in London. Other researchers are based in Germany, Japan, Australia, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Ireland, and Norway.

This truly international project used a Thoroughbred as the primary DNA test subject. In addition to sequencing the entire genome for the Thoroughbred, researchers also sequenced breeds such as the Quarter Horse and Standardbred, which are derived from Thoroughbred stock, the Arabian (because stallions and mares from that breed founded the Thoroughbred), and also breeds such as the Belgian and Norwegian fjord horse that are presumed not closely related to Arabians or Thoroughbreds.