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Talk about unexpected combinations: Keeneland is playing host to the highly controversial and highly regarded lecturer and researcher Twink Allen, along with associate Sandra Wilsher, at the sales pavilion on Tues., Oct. 20.

This is part of the Havemeyer Foundation Horse Breeding lecture series, which is the primary sponsor, with Keeneland doing its part as decorous host. One question of burning interest is what role the Jockey Club and its principals will play at the lecture.

The Jockey Club forbids artificial insemination or other means of human-assisted reproduction in Thoroughbreds that are to be registered. (You can obviously do anything you want if you don’t wish to register.) Keeneland is as closely allied to the Jockey Club as two independently run organizations can be, and yet Twink Allen has been the most prominent voice calling for change to the internationally agreed rule requiring live covers for Thoroughbreds.

We shall see.