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All right, I admit it. I’ve been stalking Kentucky breeder Jim Squires, co-owner of Two Bucks Farm outside of Versailles, Ky., and breeder of Kentucky Derby winner Monarchos.

The reason for this behavior was not a weak attempt to get an interview with the author of the recently published book on horse breeding and its politics and concerns: Headless Horsemen. Squires is liberal with his time and opinions, and he offers interviews upon request.

Instead, I had an altogether higher goal.

Squires, you see, has been repeatedly linked to the President of the United States, Barack Obama, in a widely distributed sales broadsheet. Squires is supposed to be an intimate acquaintance and personal confidante of the President, as well as other national figures.

So I, in my best reporterly fashion, thought that tracking Squires might get me close enough to grab an interview, or at least overhear a clever comment, from the Chief Executive.

You have to admit it would make better reading that the current Keeneland September sales stats and would be a scoop worthy of Sid Fernando here in the realm of equine reporting and commentary.

But … it didn’t work. Let me make this crystal clear: Jim Squires ain’t hanging out with President Obama.

It’s a crying shame.